Monday, November 22, 2010

Blinged Out Bursts

As you make-up diehards may know, Nov 11-15, Sephora gave a 20% discount to their VIB customers. I went to the first night of the 'sale' for their shopping event. I'll be honest, since I'm broke, it was mostly to get the freebies, but when I saw this polish, I totally couldn't resist it, and at 20% off, what better time?! The color I'm talking about is part of their Holiday collection, and it's called 212 Sephora, which is a soft black with iridescent glitter, as well as gold glitter, and copper flakies!! It's seriously AMAZING. For today's design, I really wanted to use it, but I didn't want to cover it up, so I chose to do a simple burst in an olive color in the upper corner of the nail.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly!

No, this isn't a Christmas manicure... and if it were, it'd be a totally morbid holiday manicure! Oh, wait, I DID do a skully christmas manicure last year. Oops. :-D Today's nail art is in honor of Robert Louis Stevenson's 160th birthday, which is today! :) As you may know, one of his famous works of literature is 'Treasure Island', a tale of pirates and buried gold. In reference to that, I chose to do Jolly Roger nail art today! (as if I needed a reason to do pirate nails :-P)

Note Worthy?

Happy Friday, people!! Today went by about as slowly as a day could POSSIBLY go. It felt never-ending, but we made it, and the weekend has begun!! Today's manicure was based off a pattern that I found on some notecards that I bought a million years ago in the $1 section at Target! :) I love the retro pattern and colors, so I HAD to use it for a design! :)

Written in Ink

Tonight was an interesting night, I went with my friend (and new co-worker) Stephanie to a book signing for Kat Von D's new book. It was insane how many people showed up- they were wrapped around the outside of the building!! Luckily, Steph and I went early this morning and got our wristbands, and they were color-coded, so we got to cut the line to the end of our bracelet's color line. Fun fact that I learned tonight- Red Bull tastes great with mint gum (especially when the red bull is free), I also learned that I get super talkative with red bull in my system. lol Another fun part of the night (besides the free sample-sized Kat Von D eyeshadow primers) was that 2 other members of the LA Ink crew were there too!! Dan, who is delightfully adorable, and Rooftop! :-D All three signed the book, and I got a hug from Kat, and she was super nice and even complimented me on my jacket! :) (Did you know she is super tall?!) Anyway, in honor of the occasion, I did Kat Von D nails, I originally drew them in Sharpie, but as soon as topcoat hit them, they faded to almost nothing, so I had to go over them again in polish.

On the thumb is part of her lipstick 'Hollywood' tattoo, on the ring finger is her famous star eye area tattoos, and on the pinky is the LA Ink logo. The middle and index finger are just generic tattoos. Stupid OPI topcoat smeared the crap out of them. :(

Let Down Your Hair!

I'm sure that if you watch TV at all, you've been seeing commercials for a little movie called 'Tangled' by a small, up-and-coming film company called 'Disney'. ;) For those living in a cave, Tangled is a movie about the story of Rapunzel, and is an animated feature. I was lucky enough to get a couple of advance tickets to it tonight, so of course my roommate and I went. (along with 2 medium (read: gallon sized) sodas, and a large tub of popcorn with layered butter) I have to say, the movie was adorable, and I highly recommend checking it out when it comes out November 24!

For today's nail design, I did the tower from the movie with Rapunzel's hair flowing out of the window onto the other 4 nails.

Check it Out!

Today's nail design is an homage to where it all began... THIS was the design that I used to do all the time when I was younger, except way back then I used toothpicks or straight pins in place of a brush. Fun stuff right? What was YOUR first nail design? Also- because of the hugely positive response to the tutorial I posted yesterday, I decided to do another one. (you've created a monster!!) The tutorial at the end of this post is for Between a Rockabilly and a Hard Place. Fun fact: bother nail tutorials I've posted have been done 100% with my iPhone 4, from filming to editing to uploading! (Did you know that the iPhone has an iMovie app?! How rad is that?!)

LEGO My Eggo!

Today's manicure is for my pal John. He is the biggest LEGO nerd I've ever met. EVER. When we used to work together, his entire cube had lego creations filling it! I've had this manicure on my list to do for ages and ages, so I decided that tonight was the night!!